Foundation Problems? Pride Foundation Repair is here to help!

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These problems have been an issue to homeowners for years.  Help is only a phone call away – so don’t worry.  Pride Foundation Repair has been helping homeowners solve their foundation repair, crawl space and basement waterproofing problems since 2010 and we are one of the most respected waterproofing and foundation repair companies on the Vancouver Island.  Our service area spans from Victoria to Campbell River.  Our many references and testimonials speak to the level of service that we provide.  We typically offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser and 25 year transferable warranties (at no cost).

We offer many services, including:

• Basement Waterproofing
• Crawl Space Repair
• Crawl Space Encapsulation
• Structural Repair

We know that when you invest in repairs for your foundation or basement that it is hard to see where the benefit is. However, your foundation supports the rest of the house. If your foundation or crawl space fails, then the rest of your home fails too. Investing in your foundation actually increases the value of your home – even more than a kitchen remodel. It is the best investment that a homeowner can make.
Think of the benefits.  You can use your basement without worrying the walls are going to cave in or that you are going to come home to standing water destroying your property. You can even convert your basement to a finished area.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a game room in the basement where you could send the kids to play when they get unruly?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a workout room or a place to entertain guests?  You can!

There are many possibilities for a finished basement:

• Storage
• Theater
• Playroom
• Bar
• Workout Room
• Extra Bedroom

When you call Pride Foundation Repair Nanaimo we will come out to your home and assess the situation – whether it is a small crack in your foundation, a humidity problem leading to mold, or a constantly flooded basement, we will figure out the systems that you need to make your basement as safe and dry as the rest of your house. We will never try to sell you a system that you don’t need. We’ll give you the suggestions that will make your basement useful and dry.

Help is one phone call away. Pride Foundation Repair today and set up a free inspection and estimate for repairs. We serve Vancouver Island from Victoria to Campbell River and everywhere in between.

Nanaimo Accountants – Accounting Principles

Business accounting is based on nine main accounting principles. These principles are generally accepted in the accounting field around the world, so whoever works with them can be recognized as professional by other professionals abroad.

Anyone who runs a business knows how important gathering and organizing financial data is. If all the process was done in a hazardous way, business accounting would be almost as complicated and complex as quantum Physics. Accounting needs of any corporation are taken care of with the help of the nine principles which set the basis of managing the financial data. This way, everything that is connected to the financial activity of an entity can be easily understood by any accountant, especially the staff at M Graham & Associates in Nanaimo, BC.

The accrual principle is the basis of all the other principles. By applying the accrual principle, the revenues and expenses of a business are recorded in a methodical way at the time the money gets earned, not paid for. In the high financed businesses world, the accounting has a set way for recognizing the money. In order to be sure the interpretation of the recognition is right, the revenue recognition principle is followed.
The financial data is filled in with the help of the historical cost. This way, accounts can immediately tell what the sold item cost, just by looking at the balance sheet. The current cost is an accounting feature that can be sometimes mistaken for the cost principle.

Constancy principles help businesses keep an accurate record of their financial transactions. Each time a financial transaction is done, the information is recorded in the same way, so it won’t get confused in time.

However, constancy principles may lead to wrong financial figures if wrongly mixed with other principles. This is a common way for illegal activities to deal with their financial information, in order to mislead the tax auditors.

Business owner’s expenditures should be kept separate from the business records in the financial accounting. This is why the concept of separate legal entity is used by accountants. This way they differentiate the business financial transactions from other personal banking transactions the owner may perform. In the case of small businesses, it often happens that owners use money from the business accounts for their personal needs and record this in a wrong way.

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Finding a Chiropractor in Nanaimo BC

It might prove a tough task to come up with the best choice of a professional who can diagnose and provide adequate medical intervention towards any form of neuromuscular problem. Much as there may be advertisement all over the internet about chiropractors, be keen on who you choose to serve you since very few have relevant academic and professional qualifications required to offer such services. As a resident of Nanaimo BC, you in case you are in need of the best qualified chiropractor, you have to be critical about the professional you choose to offer you with chiropractic services. The following tips are helpful in enabling you make the right choice in regard to the best chiropractor in Nanaimo.


The best Chiropractor in Nanaimo BC embraces high professional standards and ethics of work. Chiropractors need to be exceptionally ethical when it comes to client relationship, including being confidential and protective of their clients/patients. Chiropractors such as Dr. Ansel have all the relevant professional and ethical attributes to serve clients in all chiropractic issues across Nanaimo BC.

Experience and Reputation

Other than professional competence, experience also matters a lot. You need to look for a chiropractor with a long serving experience in the field. Dr. Ansel has established a reputation of competently serving all the needs of his clients for a couple of years. With him, a solution that would not have otherwise been easy to find becomes easier. His reputation has grown overtime due to his several achievements. Therefore, your decision to consult Dr. Ansel can be as informed as a decision to consult the best chiropractor in Nanaimo BC.

Availability and Accessibility

An ideal chiropractor should at least be easily accessible by his/her clients. Having a clinic in an open and accessible place not only saves time but also manifests the credibility of a chiropractor’s services. The best chiropractors like Dr. Ansel have strategically located clinics to enhance accessibility and availability at their clients’ convenience.


In conclusion, using the above tips enables you to have the best services by the best chiropractor. In Nanaimo BC, regardless of where you are based, if you have any problem requiring intervention by a chiropractor, you might consider contacting Dr. Ansel’s office to have the best and most trusted chiropractic services in the province.

Reputation of Marriage Counseling Nanaimo

Friends and family would be the main part of society, and happy family members create a better modern society. Marriage counseling will help the wedded couple in constructing a steady servitude. It helps in getting back together after the period of contrasts. Marriage counseling is a kind of mental therapy provided to wedded partners to solve marital complications. A lot of issues could be resolved with a less time-consuming counseling workout session. At times an extended therapy is necessary wherein the husband and wife communicate with the therapist separately and mutually many times.

These kinds of sessions additionally enable you to build up your loving relationship with a mate by smoothing down behavioral issues and solving psychological as well as mental problems. A great counseling centre will help you to protect your loving relationship the minute things get deteriorate. Usually, in a marital relationship, the perception of the couples varies which in turn at a time increases to such a level that it starts off being a major issue. During this moment if you have contacted a marriage counselling Nanaimo then these types of conflicts could get fixed conveniently.

These centres include specialists who may have carried out a proper training in this area to carry out the level of doing right judgments for clients. Therefore it is recommended to seek the advice of these experts if you need them. There are lots of these kinds of counselling centres which are specifically created for the married couples to find out the difficulties that come in a bonded relationship and fix them in a much more responsible way. The therapists working there have the complete understanding to handle all kinds of scenarios which may take place in a marital relationship.

In the event you make searching on the web about different marriage counseling centres then in Nanaimo only you may find a huge list. It is, therefore, essential that you simply browse the web about marriage counseling centres before deciding to get in touch with these. Customer’s comments, as well as the reviews of the earlier period consumers, will help you in a far more sensible way to discover the right expert services.

A therapist gives you guidance via many illustrations. You should pay attention to their remarks cautiously so that you could pick up the ideal options. Anytime you a difficulty with your wedded life it is advisable to solve it out at the moment since this helps in preventing further problems in the later stage.

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In conclusion, always hire – best web designers in Nanaimo.  “They take the tech out of the talk” explaining what they do in a manner that their customers can easily understand.

Effective Tips on Choosing a Dentist Nanaimo

Are you searching for a great dentist Nanaimo that is qualified and experienced in all areas of dentistry? Maybe you want to change your dentist Nanaimo because you’re sure there is a better dentist out there somewhere. Well, look no further – the dentist you’ve been looking for is waiting to serve you with all your dental care. Whether you live in Nanaimo, BC and are looking for a dentist in Nanaimo, or live in another area, finding the perfect dentist Nanaimo is easier than saying, “Smile”!

When looking for a dentist, the first place to start is a general dentist. A general dentist, or family dentist, has completed dental school, passed the dental exam, and has a variety of dental knowledge about a lot of areas of dentistry. 
Search for Avonlea 
Dental Clinic on Google.

Maybe you have younger children and are wondering if they need a dentist that specializes in pediatric dentistry. There are dentists that focus their entire dental practice around the care and dental services of children.

Finding the perfect dentist Nanaimo is easy. Just start searching on the internet under “dentist in Payson (or your local area),” “dental services,” “pediatric dentistry,” “general dentist,” or just “dentist.” Then you can choose a dentist that will be convenient for you.

After you have decided on your dentist Nanaimo, you will probably go in for a dental exam. There, the dentist will examine your teeth, check for any dental problems, clean your teeth, and teach you about proper oral health care.